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Replay Official Partner of FCBarcelona presents:

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Unexpected formal

FC Barcelona chooses Replay as official supplier of its formal and casual wear.

Exclusivity and unconventional approach: uniting the best football club in the world with the most innovative premium denim brand is a natural evolution. A disruptive entrance in the formal fashion world for Replay: whilst FC Barcelona boasts one of the most elegant and unique styles of play Replay redefines the way to elegance, through denim.

Fitting Session

Fitting session

Denim, made to measure.

Denim Zero

Denim Zero

Denim Zero°

Denim Zero° are the innovative jeans developed by Replay as part of the official FC Barcelona team casual wear. An exclusive eco-friendly process which utilises high-pressure ice crystals, Denim Zero° reduces water consumption by 90%, minimising its environmental impact.

Denim Zero° will be sold as part of a dedicated capsule together with FC Barcelona official denim shirt.

Formal Wear

Formal wear

Replay’s distinguished style and attention to innovative processes ensures its products are amongst the most refined on the denim market today.

With its exclusive FCBarcelona official formal wear, Replay sets a new standard in style, interpreting denim in a totally new light. From its work-wear origins, denim has evolved over the years into the casual followed by premium sector but has never been contemplated as part of a formal outfit, until now. Indigo colour, slim fit and shimmering effect reveal Replay’s peculiar reinterpretation of elegance whilst retaining its denim heritage.

Formal Wear

Casual Wear


Indigo is The Colour also when it comes to casual wear. Casual Wear features the items that dress the FC Barcelona players when they are out of the formal context. Remaining faithful to its own heritage, Replay combines quality materials and sophisticated washes, bringing Casual Wear to life and creating an identity which, like FC Barcelona, stands out from the crowd.